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We Begin Again: The Fundraiser

Hello, everyone, my name is J.R. Wortham. I am a playwright and director. I, along with our production cast and crew, recently premiered a live comedy, How to Marry the Bank, at the historical Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Los Angeles, California to a sold out crowd (Oh yeah, the theater wants us back!). After the show, our audience members made such comments as “That was the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time,” “I’d pay to see it again,” and the always infamous admission, “I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants (Seriously, someone told me that.).

Like our wonderful audience members, Miss Laura Hayes (Meet the Browns, Martin, Queens of Comedy) is pumped to head back to the stage!
Laura Hayes_The_Queens_of_Comedy

Miss Laura Hayes with the Queens of Comedy

Lauare Hayes Is All In_1

Miss Laura Hayes on stage (bringing the house down) in How to Marry the Bank.

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Miss Laura Hayes Asks for Your Help

Now, there’s no time to wait! (And no more money in our production fund). We must do this again! And we need your help to raise the money for a five-show run at Barnsdall. Funds will be used to secure the theater (most of our cost), pay the cast and crew, and advertise the show. You said you loved us, and you know we love you. Let’s meet one more time (okay five more times) and laugh until we drop (not pee on ourselves).

In exchange for your contributions, we are offering perks like a VIP Backstage Experience, pictures with your favorite cast member, signed programs, signed posters, scripts, t-shirts and honorable mentions on our website’s list of distinguished contributors. Thank you in advance for your support, and we will see you at the theater!

To visit our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget: We Give Back! At the end of our first production, we donated a portion of our t-shirt sales to the Downtown Women’s CenterThis time we would like to take it a step further and donate one night of our ticket sales! (We’d have to have more than one show to make this a reality.). Check out this great charity. They deserve the funding.




Get your business name on all our production materials (web and print) and advertisements! Sign up for our Platinum or Diamond perks. You can also contact us at for a custom package. Our show would be a great team-building/socializing event.



It’s television’s The Bachelorette meets The Bachelor—live—and in color!

55 Responses to The Show

  1. Roxanne

    I just wanted to say what a fantastic production this was. I was laughing to the point of tears! The whole cast was amazing. Everyone was brilliant but I fell in love with Kevin (Timothy Walker) when he started singing “when a man loves a women.” Truly excellent play and I would definitely pay to see it again.

  2. Linda Peyton

    Joann, you have out done yourself with this show! It was ssssoooo good that I can’t wait to see the next one. I just absolutely loved it. I laughed so hard, until my stomach started hurting. This is a great show with lots of great acting and singing. Thank you for doing such an amazing job! Keep producing these plays. You ROCK! All I have to say is TYLER PERRY, WATCH OUT. There is a spot on OWN network for J.R. Wortham!!!

  3. Jacquetta Hodoh

    KUDOS!! Hat’s off to Joanne and the cast and crew of How To Marry The Bank!

    From what little I know of Joanne, I still knew this would be a great production. However, this far exceeded my expectations! This was well written! The cast selection was perfect and so fitting to each character! From Ms. Laura that I truly adore, to Gerald aka Mr. Beans, who was hilarious even in his silence. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Everyone, I mean everyone did an incredible job!

    I had an extra ticket so I took my grandson and he ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! A great job to All!

    So what’s next??!!

  4. Mary Hunt

    It was pure entertainment from start to finish! Excellent casting, a well written script and a very well directed stage play! I loved the improvisation. Joann, cast, band members and stage crew take another bow! Your hard work really paid off. You truly delighted your audience:)

  5. Congraduate to all the cast. Absolutely the BEST play ever

  6. I enjoythe play. Congraduate to all the cast member. Waiting on the next play.

  7. Cynthia

    Now that was entertainment. The storyline was GREAT. The casting was excellent. Very well performed. Looking forward to your next production.

  8. Melanna Moore

    The moment I heard that Joann was actually doing this play I was so excited because I love how talented she is and I just knew it was going to be great. Well Joann you exceeded my expections, the play was awesome from beginning to end. The music was great, we all sang along and loved and laughed every minute of the show. Im so happy for you and glad you were able to fulfil a beautiful dream.
    Melanna Moore

  9. Absolutely LOVED “How To Marry The Bank”! The opening musical performance had me dancing and singing in my seat and the acting was exceptional…more than believable! This show was an excellent way to spend a Saturday evening. It exceeded all expectations that I’d set after hearing of the incredible talent of J.R. Wortham! I found myself laughing so hard my cheeks hurt!! BRAVO, BRAVO!!! ENCORE, ENCORE!!!

    Thank you J.R. Wortham for a great and memorable show!

  10. Staria

    Joann, brilliant absolutely brilliant! I loved every moment I was there; you kept us all entertained throughout the entire show. Every character was perfect in their role; it takes a true talent scout to have sought out each individual for the role they played. It had everything, the theme, the music, the wardrobe, the comedy, the stage, we heard the audience laughing, gasping, and singing it was all so very captivating………what an awesome job!

  11. Gayle Thomas

    Hello J.R.Wortham
    That was BEAUTIFUL !!!!! I had a wonderful time. The cast was amazing. Everyone’s personality was exposed and worth waiting for part 2. The future of Kiwi Production is very very bright.
    Sista in Love

  12. theShuffords

    First, congratulations Joanne — this was an awesome production with a great story and very, very talented actors/actresses…. we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Though, we feel all the performers did a magnificent work…. big kudos to Kaitlin — a great surprise, she really had us wrapped up in her character; Gerald as Mr. Bean had us rolling; and then there was Burliss — such a master at comedy; and we are big fans of Ms. Laura…. We definitely would be ready for a ‘redo’ when it plays again and look forward to seeing more of Ms. Wortham’s work.

  13. Glenda

    I really, really enjoyed the show! When word gets around I wouldn’t be surprised if there were requests for more!

  14. Michael

    In the words of a “Little Rascals” character…REMAARRKABLE!!!…
    If I were in the business of greenlighting shows, this would be one I would have to seriously consider. It was funny, fresh, well written and outstanding!!!

    The cast was great. Everyone went all out in bringing that show to life. To quote a wise man, the performances of Damon Berry and The Movement and the music during the scene transitions were “Tighter than Dick’s Hatband”.

    I could be “broker than Job’s turkey” tomorrow, but I would have to find a way to attend the next show. It was that good!!! If there was a DVD, I would have bought that mug!!! Tyler Perry who!? I’m just sayin’!

    I am officially a fan….


  15. Von Corley

    From the opening performances to the dimming of the light at the last curtain call…this play was superbly orchestrated. The spoken word, the interpretive dancing and amazing vocal talents captivated me from the very beginning. I haven’t laugh this hard in a long time. What a talented cast you put together. JR Wortham is just what this industry has been missing…BRAVO!!!!

  16. Tonia Bryant

    My Sister!
    You have always be a marvel and special to me. I am very please to see your labor of love come together so beautifully. It was certainly a superb theatrical production, second to none. I am proud to again witness your extreme ability.
    I look forward to your next presentation. I encourage and challenge everyone in attendance to write a review to promote this fine artistic dame!!!

  17. Michele Wheeler

    OMG!!! I had the pleasure of attending both shows and I had a stomache from laughing so hard at the end of evening!! The cast was wonderful! Everyone was precisely fitted for their roles! The characters really came alive in the show! Stand-outs and Shout-outs to Mr. Bean (who didn’t have to speak a word) but gave a hilariously loud performance! Reedo, he was soooo funny and played the role perfectly! Last but not least, Birlus Wordlaw as the Traffic Cop who looked liked Granpa Gremlin!!! I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!! I really hope this is the beginning of many more to come! J.R. Wortham, YOU ROCK!!

  18. Shamean Price

    Exhilarating and Hilarious! This was one of the best plays I’ve seen in years. The characters were comical. Hats off to you all. The script, direction, production and execution was outstanding. I would see this play again. Thank you for an enjoyable evening.

  19. Tre

    The show was AWESOME! I would definitely pay to see it again!! Everyone did such a wonderful job!! Watch out Tyler Perry!

  20. Going to the show today can’t wait

  21. Going to the show today 7/27/2013..I know I will love it

  22. Tre


  23. Benita Brisco

    I heard the commercial on KJLH!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!!
    I know this play is a must see and I will not miss it for nothing. FIVE THUMBS UP and FOUR LARGE POPCORNS WITH BUTTER because I am on a diet.

  24. Ruth

    Hi JoAnn and the HTMB cast
    I am very excited about the upcoming play. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday by sitting in one of J.R.’s production. Ok, “break a leg.”

  25. Sheilia

    I wish I could be there to help support your endeavor. I wish you much success to you and the other cast members. Keep me posted on when or if you decide to your production on DVD.

  26. Yvonne

    That song – just hit home for me because I have been in a similar situation where “he was just a friend” – want to see how this works out -see you at the theatre!

  27. Karys

    Just heard the soundtrack – Love it!
    Thanks for the free download – will be watching for the entire soundtrack to drop soon”

  28. Madison

    All of us single ladies can use some man catching tips in our lives – I will be in the house!

  29. Mark

    Funny, fantastic, captivating… looking forward to the premier!

  30. Nancy

    Sure this will be another awesome production…we’ll be there…can’t wait!

  31. Monica

    This will be off the CHAIN! Can’t wait to see it…

  32. Michele Wheeler

    One of the funniest plays by far!!! Joanne you’re a theatrical genius!!

  33. Deborah

    Congratulations and Best Wishes Ms. Joann and cast! How exciting to have this opportunity fulfilled. Mazal Tov!

  34. Patricia Nelson

    Joann I am so excited and Proud of you!….I already know that it is going to be AWESOME because you have been gifted with AWESOME TALENT!

    • J.R. Wortham

      Thank you, Pat, for your support!

      • Orlevia

        If the music sets the tone for the performance, we are in for a special treat. I can’t wait.
        With your creativity and the collaboration of such a talented cast I know there will be many curtain calls Encore!! Encore!!!!

  35. Michael

    We are excited to hear you have a play coming out this summer and we look forward to the premier. Your last play, “Kingdom”, was exceptional (and it was good too!). We wish you all the best!!! Hot fun in the summer time!!!

  36. Carlyn


  37. Deborah

    I can’t wait to for the murder with a dash of mayhem ….. Love it!
    Break a leg Joanne & Cast.

  38. jrworth

    The casting call went wonderfully well (over 500 actors applied for roles) thanks to so many talented artist like yourself. We wish you all the best with your career!

  39. Lakeith Stanfield

    Thank you for the opportunity to audition for this funny. witty play! Was a very fun experience and I know the production will Illuminate the eyes and hearts of many!

  40. Cedric

    Funny Funny Funny
    Can’t Wait

  41. Joann…I am excited to be invited to see your next project. Having had the opportunity to review your amazing prior works for my readers, I am very excited to say I will be flying out to L.A. to see your new play this summer! Your work is always exciting, cutting edge and big screen ready *hint* I know it’s only a matter of time before “How to Marry the Bank” is on a screen near all your fans.

    • jrworth

      OMG! I am so very excited to have you in town for the play, Tiffany. Your support (and the support of your own fans) for my work has been invaluable. See you this summer!

  42. J.R. Wortham

    All the best to you, Aubree. I can’t wait to see you all at the show!

  43. J.R. Wortham

    Thanks, Rosa! Everyone’s support means the world to me and the actors who are committed to providing a great (and funny) theatrical experience!

  44. J.R. Wortham

    Thanks, Jordyn! I am so excited to present this work to you and others who were so encouraging after the sell out performance at “Kingdom.” I can’t thank you all enough for your support.

    All the best,


  45. I know Joann as a great writer! Her work is excellent. It will keep you wanting to hear and see more. I cannot wait to see the new play. I will not miss it!!!
    Shout out from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

  46. Aubree

    Omg I’m too excited! Just like Jordyn I have to say your plays are amazing! Keep up the good work and I will definiely stay tuned!

  47. Jordyn

    GREAT!!! I am so excited to see that you have another show on the way. I have seen your projects and let me just tell everyone — they are amazing! Joann keeps you wrapped up in the story with the impromptu humor and the out-of-the-box story lines keep you on the edge of your seat! Will not miss this one!!!

    • AB

      Absolutely great!! The play kept my attention from start to finish. While I was laughing, I also recognized some very positive undertones, and a fabulous finish. Do the right thing and good things will come your way.

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